There are tons of things that could go wrong during construction. Working with professionals makes it easy for you to minimize losses and keep your schedule moving within timelines. An organization that virtually every construction company needs to work with is an excavation company. If you are not sure why you have been told to hire one, here is everything you need to know about excavation companies.

What is an Excavation Company?

Excavation contractors have more roles on a site than to just dig up dirt. Although this is the first image that comes to when you hear of excavation, these professionals use high-quality heavy equipment to perform various tasks.

Other than digging up dirt, an excavation contractor will have other duties around the site such as working on wetland mitigation to help in its restoration.

What Do Excavation Companies Do On-Site?

  1. Site preparation: An excavation company employs the first people who show up on-site after the surveying crew to determine the house and lot boundaries. Once this has been determined, they remove the soil to the required depth. An excavation contractor Medford Oregon company will also ensure that the soil is firm by conducting a series of tests and using compaction equipment. The excavator is also responsible for backfilling the foundation once the foundation contractors pour the footers and stem wall.
  2. Make sure the project meets all standard requirements: Residential excavation constrictors are licensed and bonded. They know and understand all the site requirements in a project and must adhere to the occupational and safety hazard association requirements during each project. Individuals independently own the majority of excavation companies. They carry liability insurance to cover the work they do, which is a huge benefit for any construction company. Hiring an excavation company means you can rest easy knowing all safety and hazard standards will be met and that the work is insured just in case something goes wrong.
  3. Operate heavy machinery: It is rare to find someone who can operate heavy machinery and equipment with only a college or trade school degree. Most people are trained on the job by an experienced excavation company. You will find most companies hiring out their front-end loaders, bulldozers, backhoe, trenchers, skid steers, and compactors to construction sites that have qualifies personnel to operate the equipment.
  4. Move dirt around: These contractors also have dump trucks which come in handy when excess dirt needs to be moved out of sight to clear the space for development. Also, an architect might need dirt moved from one part of the site to the next and the best person to do it will be an excavator. He can dig ponds, grade roads, build roads and sewers, which require him to move dirt a lot.
  5. Clean up the site: Once you are done digging and demolishing, a lot of junk is left on-site. Obviously, the site needs to be cleaned up so the owners can use it comfortably. There is no better person to take care of this than a commercial excavating contractor. You will need to manage waste during the project to keep neighbors and surrounding businesses happy. There are rules and regulations that surround how these materials can be disposed of. Relying on a non-professional may land you in trouble as they may not know what is expected of them. Excavation companies are already aware of these laws and will take care of waste in the proper way.

Working with excavation companies comes with a lot of advantages. You are sure that your site is cleared of any hazardous material, and their disposal will not land you in trouble. A 2017 survey reported that 8.4 million people are employed in the construction company in the United States. Contact Medford Excavation to learn more!

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